The challenge of Megatrends

Foreword to Reporting

How will we live in 20 years’ time? What will occupy us in daily life, what will workplaces of the future look like? These are questions nobody can answer with certainty right now. But there are ways of gaining a better insight into social change. Market researchers have studied this area intensively and identified global megatrends. They highlight what has long influenced us and society, and what will shape us in the future.

Megatrends show how the world is changing. Especially as an internationally operating company, we know how important it is to look beyond narrow horizons and take these developments into account. In 2018, we focused even more on current megatrends to back up our long-term strategy of sustained growth.

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“In 2018, we focused even more on current megatrends.”

Burkhard Dahmen, CEO, SMS group GmbH

Out of all the megatrends, we identified four as particularly relevant for our work as a partner in the metal industry. We see them as an inspiration for our work.

Urbanization is about building cities and is a key area that makes increasing demands on materials. There is a similar situation in the field of mobility. People are on the move more and more, and they want their journeys to be safe, clean, and fast. Steel, aluminum, and electrical sheet metal for the construction of cars, trains, and planes must meet the very highest standards.

The next megatrend, sustainability, is driving a change of attitude, especially in our industry. Steel production must become greener. We are already ahead of the curve here, because for decades our research and development activities have been making our plants ever more efficient and developing new solutions. Our slogan “Achieving more with less” reflects our goal of eliminating CO2 emissions. An important key to this is hydrogen technology.

Process optimizations are at the heart of connectivity, the fourth megatrend. However, connectivity only works on the basis of homogenous data. This is the first step toward successful digitalization. At SMS group, we are constantly examining the opportunities and technologies in this area. That is why we have produced a special brochure all about digitalization.

Naturally, today’s megatrends also affect the markets as well as supply and demand. Our all-round awareness of these developments means we can offer our customers the optimal solutions for their needs complete with implementation in close cooperation with them. Ultimately, you benefit because we respond to megatrends. That’s because we can only build or revamp systems fit for the future if we know what tomorrow’s markets will demand.

Understanding the global megatrends helps us further develop our expertise in the right direction. This means we can support our customers, as their “The Leading Partner in the World of Metals,” so they are ready for the future.

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Burkhard Dahmen,
Spokesman for the Managing Board, SMS GmbH

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